Last Updated: 11.12.04

"My goal, as a drum instructor, is to help each student fulfill his or her own potential as a creative musician who happens to play drums. This means providing every student, from beginner to advanced, with the opportunity to explore many varied musical styles and to eventually find their own “voice” on the instrument. Styles covered include: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Country, etc. Subjects covered include: Reading Music and Drumset Notation, Rudiments and their application to the Drumset, Drum Tuning, Tech and Repair, and head, Stick, and Cymbal selection.Special emphasis is placed on giving each student a sense of the history of the instrument and the great players of the past and present who have contributed so much to the development of the art form."
-Dave Cohen

:: Biography ::
David Cohen/Drums & percussion

David Cohen began taking drum lessons at age 10. Inspired by drumming legends Buddy Rich and “Philly” Joe Jones, he went on to study with famed jazz drummers Vinnie Ruggiero and Ed Soph. In the 80’s, Dave led a rock band called “Backseat Sally”, which released an album on Atlantic Records and an MTV video. Other studio credits include albums by The Dinner Dogs, Glenn Medeiros, Anthony Watson, and The Rockin’ Rebels, as well as soundtracks for HBO, CBS, and TVKO. Dave’s also performed with the Mambo Kings, Gap Mangione, Bat McGrath, Barry Kiener, “Sax” Gordon Beadle, Rodney Dangerfield, Russell Malone, Mark Manetta, Tino Gonzales, Nancy Kelly, Francine Reed and Sherman Robertson (at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris, France), as well as the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dave is currently the drummer for Prime Time Funk, a 10 piece horn band in Upstate NY. Prime Time Funk's debut CD entitled "Ready and Willing" has garnered both critical and popular acclaim.